5 Essentials for Business IT

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Let’s think about it. We save all our client, team, and vendor information on computers. Our team members retrieve this information from devices and share with others as needed to get the job done.

Now to get the job done well on and on time, your team needs a few essentials that your business needs to provide.

5 Key Areas of IT, business needs to consider

Essential One: We save information for all our work on our computers, centralized server, or applications. Depending on where the information is saved we need to make sure it is backed up and in a way it can be recovered most efficiently, while something goes wrong.

If the information is just files the best way to backup this information is by getting an online backup which continuously keeps the information moving online and with the software today, it happens instantaneously.

If you have a server and information is saved centrally at your office, there are two backups you need to consider. One backup for online information and the second for onsite recovery of server. As server systems make data centralized, in case of issues of data loss or it can also be due to server issues and access being centralized from servers that need special care.

In case your business uses applications for centrally keeping information for customers, and they are located on an in-house server, it becomes more critical than anything else. These systems need to be backed up onsite for the quickest recovery, as well as on Cloud.

Depending on nature of information, you can define time frames for recovery and find options from recovering a data file to a complete server with options to back them up offsite overnight so even if your hardware fails, you can recover within minutes to get your information backup.

Essential Two: Now to have all the information we work on, we need to consider some security aspects. There are 5 security aspects for a business you need to consider. First is online protection, most businesses take care of this well with an antivirus while not scanning machines regularly which we would discuss to fix in another section and is critical to keep up to or else it is as good as not having an anti-virus.

With increasing threat online over web, when all businesses need internet connectivity for their tasks is another factor to consider so you are never stuck getting your credit card information stolen, computer files high jacked or mistakenly downloading an application which can cause harm to your system. With web filtering and protection you can also restrict access to users for certain category of website you would never need users to visit or define time frame for others to have productivity.

Our main communication channel over the Internet for personal use or work is emails. With emails their are issues of its own. For example, the spam you receive, email links which lead you to unwanted sites or even information you share with others need to be secured for communication over this channel. There are tools and systems to protect emails which come in-built with hosted platforms while you can always choose to implement most effective solution with options to upgrade.

Essential Three: Most business consider fixing their issue on computer when something breaks, while not knowing why it broke and how to prevent it. With systems being used every day there are maintenance tasks which need to be run and scheduled for daily, weekly and monthly activities. Anything you own if not maintained will give you issues, and computers are machines which need to be maintained on timely manner. With tasks like disk checks and cleanup, security and vulnerability patch update from Microsoft and other providers. From OS updates, Antivirus, Applications to any hardware you have configured, they all play an important role to keep your computers working. Maintenance can prevent issues with IT devices which can cause delays or even stop work one day getting you a blue screen of death. If you are not running it, make a schedule to do it at least once a month if not weekly.

Essential Four: The first three essentials provide a way to make you safe and systems more reliable, this IT essential makes sure you are always in the know if something fails and updates your support team to take action if anything goes wrong.

We call it being proactive, when something is fixed before it effects the business or users from getting their tasks completed day to day. Monitoring of systems is essential, as mentioned having Anti-Virus is not enough if it is not getting checked for updates, monitored for issues and in case issues, fixed on time. Monitoring does not apply to just antivirus, but also to your system hardware such as Hard Disk Drive, Software for backup, Services which make your systems run or anything else which makes your computer tick. Having monitoring in place you would always know how your systems are functioning, while being able to count on your IT not failing you again.

Last Essential: One of the least talked about factor to control security, access to information, keeping everything setup for your organization is actually managing your team. Our team needs tools and applications as per their assigned tasks and they need access to information.

When a new team member joins, you need to have few things to have his computer setup. Depending on your business you may need one or more of the following defined. Computer system required to do the work you need to know what configuration, programs he/she would need to work on, data access from different systems, printer or scanner access. From business point of view, you would need to define security. For computer, how the user would access his machine in-house or even when out of office and web access. For more details on this you can read about How to Map your IT Systems, to get every team member what he needs AND Businesses to maintain security and access of information.

All of this over centralized platforms to manage and a team to support you, can make business IT systems work to your benefit. If you found this information helpful please share or leave us your comments below.

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