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IT Systems security to consider for your Business.

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IT systems need to be secure as your team works on computer and devices such as smartphones and tablets. Security is required to make sure you do not have issues due to any external factors to which your business IT is exposed and needs to be protected.

Computers are connected online to the internet, and there are five places you need to check for security or configure it as per your business requirements. First being covering your network with firewall. Firewall is a device which controls who can access your network from outside and from inside the work place, while being able to configure services to work for your team or provide access to work systems from outside. A good example would be accessing your office computer from home via remote desktop.

Most used IT system in business is communication over emails. Emails need to be protected and filtered before reaching user for spam and infected messages. If you have an in-house server or receive spam with your current system you should consider three basics which you will need. Filter emails which anyone sends you and also, outbound filtering of emails anyone sends from your organization. The reason of getting an outbound filter is that your online score remains good and in case of any issues you are alerted well on time to take action. Next thing running an in-house server you need to consider is email continuity in case of any issues with server system. Email continuity provides a way where we spool emails for you in case their are any issues with your email systems, and while emails are down give a way to user be able to login online with access to last 24 hours mailbox to be able to work. When the server comes back up on line all new email received and sent by team is synchronized with the server. Last protection you need is URL check for any links received in your email for taking a user to harmful site.

Having above three protection for emails as basic running in-house server is a must, while if you consider Hosted Exchange or other solutions this is already covered for you. For compliance you would need to consider some add-ons to basic email security which includes email Encryption, Archiving, Data Level Protection.

While working on computer you need a Business Antivirus, the reason of calling business AV is that it should have 3 things covered for you. Should be paid version which gets update, centralized for all systems to be monitored and checks in place for it to report any issues. Having above three functions makes it worth while to know you having protected systems and in case a issue happens your tech team can proactively resolve issues for you.

Web Protection is next most important security required today to keep you safe online, With an average organization going to 1000’s of web pages online every month you need to make sure no one ends up on a phishing or infected website where your information is stolen or your computer gets infected. Having web security gives that extra protection and lot of information based on trends, internet usage on computers, allow or block websites to increase productivity and many other features. You may not need all the features however being protected online is essential.

Your team access business information over shares on computers and depending on how you work, places you work from and access information you need to control who has access to specific information and how they access those shares. Information Security can be achieved both over cloud systems (HIPPA complaint) or in-house server shares both having their own benefits. For few consideration you can read blog on selecting the right solution, click here.

The last security measure you need to consider is controlling access to computer hardware access, either if the users should be able to use computer USB ports, CD-Rom and other mass storage medium to copy information. This can be done easily using policies on server level or with implementing IT Essential solutions to centralize IT control for all your in-house systems.

On getting all above factors checked and configured appropriately by your IT department, you can expect to have least amount of issues concerning security of your information and how it is being accessed by your team. If you do face issues with proactive team monitoring your IT can easily fix issues as seem to arise.

I hope this blog was helpful knowing basic IT security you need in your organization. Please leave us your feedback and share this article if you liked it and was helpful.

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