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Basics of Network Security and Management

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Considering network security is essential, it connects us to the world of opportunities and some risks. Being connected on internet means you already have some sort of network security working for you. All internet service providers give you a basic firewall, some may or may not contain any customization options.

While businesses are connected online and requires access to information, the network needs to be configured based on how you interact from and out of it. When you are working on the go you need access to emails, files or other business communication required from places you choose. With increasing use of smartphones and tablets in business, it is becoming convenient to access work systems.  If you have in-house IT, which you may want to access from outside the office you can choose options to be configured to access them securely and efficiently. This could mean to do a VPN back at work, remote desktop to your computer, file sharing or simple email access. You can always get customization based on your business needs or get recommendation.

Networks can be configured to give access to complete desktop or simple file sharing, however some security is required in such case, and you need to buy into a firewall. Firewall safeguards from online web by setting up mapping of systems you need access to from and outside of office. There are many options available from basic firewall such as netgear for small businesses to save costs, sonicwall (most businesses, our recommendation) for mid size business as it has a lot features you will need to be secure and customized as per needs with audit functionality, there are more options available with Cisco. However you can choose your own firewall based on your business needs today and tomorrow.

If you are a global organization, or have offices at multiple locations for internal network systems you may want to consider cloud solutions, as it saves the hassle of connecting multiple offices over dedicated VPN or some workaround to share information. Business Cloud can provide a dedicated centralized repository of all your business systems. While if you choose to have your own servers that can be done on cloud as well easily, while you can connect from different location with simple setup running each office over WiFi.

Depending on your internet connection being a DSL or leased line for network up-time, every business should consider having there own firewall for network security and customizing it use, providing adequate access for business teams to work in collaboration to each other.

Once you have a firewall you need to define services, you are running on cloud or web applications you use over internet and the systems you need access from within the network. On defining applications and systems being utilized in house and from out of the network simplifies security layout of your network and further strengthen your business IT security.

Getting a business firewall along with covering Emails, Information, Computer and Web protection makes everyone secure online or offline, which covers all security essentials required to keep businesses productive and secure on multiple devices. Please leave us your feedback or comments below and if you found this information helpful please share it with others.

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