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Business uses application systems, rather any application your business uses to save, retrieve client and team information falls in this bracket.

There are a lot of ways the systems can be configured for business specific need, and controlled for access and use. The first business application system every business has or will need to have is an industry specific customer management solutions so it can fulfill there specific needs while other may choose different versions depending on internal working of their business. Lets take an example of a law firm which bills on time so the most important aspect of their business revolves around time and billing cycle for client and managing each tasks well for them, while in our IT industry everything revolves around individual users using business IT devices and issues relating to them, we use ticketing and automation systems while providing options to even integrate your current IT resources with our systems. Which any way you use, need care of these systems as it’s your business heart beat. If it fails our business takes a small pause. Such applications need to be taken special care of with systems and devices you use to access control.

Depending on your preference you might already be using some customer life cycle applications or be on many different systems managing it. These tools can be mixed with your IT and can be done well so you have control, what you need while always have them running and maintained.

Application in mix with your in-house systems and cloud can create a good combination, if you can get them to work together. Many organizations use in-house server systems for professional CRM which works well however have management overhead. While having a in-house server solves the problem of team management for access.

One good option available today for business critical server is to be on cloud, which again is a choice you need to make and to make that decision easier you should read and understand “What is Cloud”.

Major IT concerns are usually due to applications and server systems as when something goes wrong with it, it is just not one user but your entire team which comes to a halt.

Application systems should have maintenance cycle, monitoring systems for hardware and software, backup solutions depending on importance of business application and how much people depend on it and your business or just choose hosted solutions, or have your own server there. If you are not covered you should review some IT Essentials for increasing productivity.

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