Information our business life line.

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Anything we save on our computer is information our business needs such as files for reports, documents or applications we use to save client or project details and there are situations where you can loose this information. It not only prevents you from working, but it can also mean re-working on information you had saved. Back up of information is very important and with options available today can be done automated. Only few choices you need to make to have a good backup you can rely upon.

Two backups you need to consider for your business, one is for files and other for business applications. Files can have multiple recovery point and are easier to configure, however having your own server and running business applications means you will need to discover how much of productivity loss will it cause if the IT system fails.

You can choose most backups asking two questions your self. If you loose any information how quick would you want it recovered, and from how back would you want it to be recovered from. Answering this you can choose your choice of backup. Discover this for both file and business applications systems.

If you are working in financial, law, or healthcare you need to comply by law to comply for retention of information along with other measures for auditing and review.

For businesses we should consider have local and offsite backups. Our recommendation is to have both depending on what you answered above local (which is where your systems are) and offsite (on cloud or another location). You can also choose to have a combination of both or just one depending on systems you have defined above.

You can define system recovery time, as low as 1 minute to recover from a simple file which got deleted or a critical system failure. There are options available to run completely over cloud, with HIPPA compliant storage and files backed up every time you click save and last user information. easy to review work progress, easy to recover, easy to audit, and accessible across devices.

Always knowing your systems and information are safe, while you can overcome any IT disaster is the key to successful collaboration between team and increasing productivity.

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