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As you select business IT systems for your business, you may be looking at few different services. The most common today being hosted email, VoIP solutions for phone and SaaS business applications for many functions and departments. However the infrastructure for such systems, implementation and management remain unknown. Business Cloud fills the gap of IT infrastructure to keep you productive, secure and managed.

While you use business SaaS application you don’t have a option to run it on your own systems, till you plan to buy licenses of the application and implement in-house for your own use. It becomes very expensive to do so. However for building your own infrastructure for IT you need some basic systems.

Business cloud is one which integrates all your requirements in a single console, so if today you don’t have a server you will never need one in-house and can build your IT infrastructure on one centralized console. The cloud offers communication systems such as Hosted emails, VoIP, Chat, Video Conferencing, File Sharing, or even your own server. The centralized platform provides user configuration from one console, so takes care of team management with all audited devices and access.

Cloud offers all solutions to keep you working from any where around the globe with centralization, and get your team to work productively, and securely. While the responsibility of management still remain yours or the team you get to assist setting up the system, to keep you in control. Centralization of systems can be achieved in-house however we will recommend to review them over 3 years for ROI as you are investing in their use for productivity.

Team Management: Cloud or in-house server you will need to manage your team, most businesses do this in-house on active directory where you can create user login provide access to emails, file shares, and control policies for user and devices they use. With Business cloud this is possible with a few check boxes which anyone of your team members can manage for you, without the complexity of server setup.

Centralization: As we work on the move, access information over tablets and smartphone; centralization of all IT systems is a must for secure access and control of information. You can achieve this easily considering five security essentials. Being on Business cloud everything is an add-on from your basic infrastructure you have built up.

Communication: Solutions to be able to have a quick chat, HD video, call or a simple email. IT makes it easier for you to collaborate within the team, client or even vendors. Each system integrated over business cloud provides scalability, where everything is saved, accessible for later use and audited.

Security Add-on’s: Increasing productivity over centralized systems can increase collaboration between your team, however having IT systems for communication and sharing information you need to consider some add on’s to all information systems. With business cloud you can add on security to five IT systems connecting you to outside world via emails, network, web, computer and information rather data.

File Sharing: Business cloud comes with build in sharing of file, something you would do on a computer or server for a team. the benefits being you can easily access files over multiple devices, control use of devices, each change is audited and control. You can set up user and device policy over cloud, also while profiling your team for systems.

Your own Server: When its time to consider a server, or if you just want to get out of the daily hassle of your own server management, within your business cloud you can get your own server with power you need to run applications and extend systems as your business need grows.

With no migration, upgrade or setup costs integration makes it easy to use each system for its merit, consider basic factors such as costs, accessibility, convenience, and more… IT systems can be run over in-house or cloud systems with maximum up-time and least effort, however it is only an option we provide as their are no project charges with our complete Integrated IT plan. We help assist keep your productive, secure and well managed with system you choose or already have in place for your business today.

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