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Spam Free. Emails

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There are only few things you need to do, to make sure your emails are always delivered to recipients. Anyone you send them out to, as well as receive less junk your self.

Firstly to be compliant and to make sure you get your emails configured and working correctly, you need to update public record called SPF, explained below and needs to change as you may change or add new systems sending out emails using your email domain. Read More

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Cyber Security for Business

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Cyber security is required as we all are connected to internet, world wide web. Which now some call IoT (internet of things), with access to all the information we require any time of the day. Just ask Google. As a business we have our team work from computers in office, laptops on the move, smartphones or tablets to check emails and information, over multiple devices which are connected online and need Cyber Security. Read More