Centralized IT Systems. Easier Control and Management

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With growing businesses you need centralization, if you have reached a stage of having a server in-house or had them for years, you use it in few different ways from team management using active directory, implement policies for user and devices using group policy or as simple as file sharing. It all leads to centralization and with today most business functions running on IT, better centralized system are required for control and monitoring in-house or cloud technology infrastructure.

With growing businesses and need of standardization across platforms, few steps are required to first define your requirement and use of current systems for better central controls.

Discovery, steps to centralization:

  1. How does your team work today.
  2. Which all devices does your business use
  3. Applications used for communication and information
  4. What security do you need for your business.
  5. How quickly can you recover from a down server or lost files, if something like this was to happens tomorrow?
  6. Should you invest in your own infrastructure or cloud

Once you have above steps thought of, you can start process of systems centralization. This will include some basics, for which you need to choose platforms which talk to each other, and make it easier for your tech team to implement, monitor and fix issues proactively.

Depending on services you choose on cloud hosted systems or in-house, you should always look for something which is well integrated. It becomes easier when a new user joins or leaves a organization, you have way of enabling IT systems for your new team member with least effort. When you have IT systems in place you need to make sure they are working as required, security is in place, and your team can work accessing the information they need from office, home or on the move depending on your business needs.

You would need two systems for centralization.

First platform required for all your in-house IT devices including servers, computers, smartphones or networking devices such as firewall. All IT systems need to be configured, monitored, maintained and have enough power to run applications for users. With multiple devices we use today from a desktop at work, laptop or smartphone on the move for emails, files, work on business applications or any other task.

We access information from a lot of places, which actually gets us to another consideration implement access of information for team and have in-sync devices to find the same information across platforms. The better the centralization and team management, it becomes easy for techs to control business factors for security and enabling or disabling services.

Having in-house centralized system and provides control to tech team to work from one place being and be able to support all users keeping everyone productive, saves on costs and time. We use a system which has in-built control for remote access to connect and resolve issues in background as you work or take remote access for resolving issues reported saving you time.

The second platform for centralization required is for all your cloud infrastructure, for services you would like to keep on cloud and prefer not to have in-house server. It saves a lot of in-house infrastructure you would need to build such as purchasing hardware, backup systems, security and other consideration. Also, with increasing acceptability of hosted services for emails, phone, file sharing and other communication system to increase business productivity most business opt for it. It does not mean having in-house server is no good, it only means it saves a lot of hassle having everything in-built. We have a lot of customers for whom we run in-house systems and provide better ROI over a 3 years period. If you are looking for anything less consider cloud solutions.

Coming back to centralization, while having options for IT communication or your own server hosted in cloud; choosing a platform which lets you grow being able to provide users easier access and tech be able to control all systems from one console with a few check boxes just saves you a lot of time and money.

Please leave us your comment below or share if you found this helpful or liked it. If you have a business and will like to discuss further reach out to us any time, we will love to assist you. Making your IT systems more Productive, Secure and well Managed over centralized platforms sharing as much as responsibility you would like.

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