Saving your self the trouble of multiple IT systems

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Multiple applications for business IT infrastructure makes it difficult for operations to manage and control IT security. Integration of IT systems makes it possible to have less number of application, control and security of your information, a productive team where ever they work from office, client location or on the move.

With disintegrated systems you end have more IT management and loose control of your IT infrastructure, while end up buying complicated solutions which few understand. You need two integrations to make it work today, due to a strong presence of cloud.

IT systems you choose can be on cloud or in-house for applications, communication, collaboration and team access. When you choose solutions you might need to take consideration for each system individually, however defining what you want to achieve from each system and how it overlaps with another can be a little complicated.

Lets take an example of simple backup solution you may consider for your business. You will need to review your file and business systems, both are critical to be able to recover from quickly. however files are easier to recover within minutes using multiple backup options in-build to windows and one that can keep your information offsite, with cloud solutions such as ShareSync it becomes easy to be on HIPPA compliant systems with in build backup with every time you click save.

For business systems you need to do a little more, as on servers and networking your entire team depends on while using computers. So you need to define IT backup by recovery time frame, with options available from recovering within 5 minutes or 2 hours. Windows in-build backup does about 4-8 hours average time to recover due to how the process of recovery work, however with storagecraft, acronis and other solutions can you reduce this time frame to hour if on virtualized environment or 2 hours with physical restore process.More integrated IT infrastructure you choose, it becomes that much easier. While you could have above described solution on cloud without ever need to worry about backups.

For all in-house systems to have great performance you need to follow some essentials or you would have failing applications and never achieve the performance needed from your IT systems. Choosing Cloud to build your infrastructure can save you all the trouble in-house. However you should always choose based on business needs and merits, as you can achieve great up time up to 99% in-house or cloud. For 1% we have recovery systems to keep you going.

At FixKar we have two simple integration to have all your systems in-house or cloud, however we work with businesses to find the best combination and get the best of both worlds with defined costs.

It becomes hard to be productive, secure and be able manage team well if you choose random systems and try control the outcome for your team to only focus on work with always available and accessible IT systems.

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