Better recovery, security and access for business files.

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Today we all work across devices and locations, it might be checking emails over smartphones, files over laptop on the move, desktop at work or home. Information access has become easier with centralization over cloud and be able to maintain security.

Windows file sharing does great over shares we all access (H Drive), however requires tech setup over in-house server or storage system while configuring it to provide access over multiple devices or location. Some functions such as auditing a file, security of information, sharing over emails and other communication devices is critical and gets difficult to manage. This can be made much easier with simple solution such as ShareSync, its our own however we have not been able to find another solution to match its benefits.

ShareSync impact for business. Better recovery, security, and access.

1. All files are saved by version, so anytime a user saves a file the system creates a backup. You can discover files from the time they where created and any changes made to them and who made them.
2. All versions of files are accessible to users within Office applications to review or retrieve older file if required. It makes it easier to see all versions of files or hide them when you want to find another version.
3. Files are encrypted on transfer and are completely audited from admin login. When you send an email it checks with Outlook plugin if its to large to send as a link and options to password protect for access.
4. Restore from centralized console updates all copies of the file on every device, it protects business information for any issues.
5. Easy to setup new users or new machine, as file structure is mapped to account login
6. Not only computers smartphones and tablets can be setup to access information via App.
7. All devices are audited and admin gets alerted on new device added for users, with integrated IT we can profile devices further.
8. ShareSync backs up local computer desktop and documents, every individual user gets his computer backup so local files saved for quick access on desktop or My Documents is also backed up.
9. Large files or files can be password protected within outlook for client sharing. If you have a client whom you share a lot of files with create a folder and share it with them. They will be able to see it as you do, in a folder as you update them or just share information.
10. Unlimited client accounts so you can share folders with clients, for better collaboration.

Easy to control, provide access and even wipe information of devices all from one centralized consoles.

While considering such a solution costs need to be kept in mind. Costs of implementation, software licenses, how well your team be able to move from current system to new, is it really going to save time and effort?

Costs are cheaper to owning your own server and just backing it up on cloud using any software, which means you end up saving money from what you have been already spending.

With Integrated IT we assist businesses to move from their current file systems to file collaboration solution and don’t charge anything, as it is part of our job profile.

Centralized system to assist grow your IT systems from one console choosing from file to business collaboration, emails or having your own server, making your computer systems more reliable and team productivity.

One consideration for such a system is to make sure your computers have enough hard drive space. When you store information on server it helps use one location for all your team to access files and it is not stored individually on everyone’s computer. With Cloud solution you have a individual copy of folder user has access to, and it requires space. For most new computers it is not a problem as they are equipped for atleast 250 GB of space which is good enough for most users, however memory being cheap it is easier to get more or time to upgrade hard drive, not your system.

I hope this blog was helpful knowing features you can get from an online cloud based file collaboration system. Please leave us a comment of feedback.

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