Collaboration with Digital IT Channels

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Communication systems are used in ways of emails, which has become a major part of not only our business life but also personal life’s. New business phone systems which are available where ever you go, file and folder collaboration to save all work done for the client or internal reporting and different information your business generates or having internal business conversation over chat, or video for conference and meetings. As of today all of these solutions for communication can be provided to you over cloud where service provider control all run the technology and make it simply work for you, with minimum in-house systems and very less upfront costs. You always have an option to choose having these systems work by your own in-house team or outsource it. More your In-House systems more you would need to consider on making them work, and setting up for user access. However it always is an option if you prefer it that way.

Emails are the most common system we use in business for communication, and with increasing spam and scams over internet, it is a reason for businesses to consider some stable solutions. Emails for businesses are provided in form of POP3 accounts which come free even when you first buy your internet domain (website address) or 100 for 10 Dollars, the second option available is Google business email which works on mostly IMAP connection where every device you have needs to download that email on a client so most people prefer using it over web. The third option available for businesses is Hosted Exchange a Microsoft offering which has worked well for most business we have worked with. It is simple to have everything in sync on all devices, with your contacts which show up on your phone, computer Outlook client, and any other device which can be configured for email. Further if you read an email one place it shows read on every device. These functions make it apart and make it work for businesses.

For all our conversation with client we prefer Phone Systems as they are direct communication and you don’t have to play sending emails, we have always had and are still using traditional phone systems which work on there own connection and not via internet. With cloud phone systems you can have access and convince to be truly reachable or set your own schedule. Old PBX systems in house usually take time to configure and figure out, yet with online controls you can never go wrong. These systems can be enabled and disabled anytime, similar to any other cloud services.

Next important IT systems for businesses is its Information or in other words data, all the files we save in structured folders for everyones needs access. It is very crucial for businesses to share these folders and needs a bit of planning. As of today most teams use server based file sharing where a IT person manages creating folders for all user departments and providing access and security for use. This information is so critical that most businesses understand why they need a local backup of information and a copy of it outside the office. It is surprising to know how many businesses in there initial stages don’t even consider this as a factor till the day the first time they need to recreate the files they lost. With ShareSync business cloud sharing or similar tools most of the issues with sharing files, or sending large data have been solved with inbuilt security you can review your self. When you save a file it gets saved on your computer and then automatically in the cloud. Lets try this again, every time you save a file it gets saved that many times in the cloud. So if you give work to someone and he works on a file and you review and save it again. You can pull all the past versions of the files and review them changing or picking up the last information you need. Everything gets saved, synced to cloud and everyone’s devices who has access to that specific folder or structure. One thing that helps is that you can do this your self, no more IT to do it for you if you want. While you consider cloud you can have the same features internal to your business, you really need to think if it is worth the time and effort.

Last communication you need is, If you have a organization which has a lot of rooms or is big enough that people need to walk to each others desks to talk or are located across the globe you need a medium to connect faster and get work done real time. Business Chat software can do a lot of things, however most business are not aware of the use. With convenience of all conversation you have getting saved in your Outlook (email client) and you can search it by name or text as you would do for an email. You can have this chat software or as a app on all your devices, so if you are on the move and someone needs to ask you a question you can quickly reply. Business chat can be also used for Video and Phone meetings or conferences, these features are available with different versions of software. Business Chat should be considered as it saves time and effort, while always knowing is the power you need to grow, not always being at work.

Having communication systems to collaborate can be implemented both in-house and over cloud, based on costs and considering business needs. While cloud provides quick setup and use suitable for most small businesses while others getting ROI on in-house systems with 3 years rollout plan. Integration of communication with user profiling, access, system mapping and other critical system provides seamless digital channels.


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