Cost Benefits of Integrating business IT systems

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For making your IT systems productive, secure and well managed. You need to consider each aspect of IT, and make your choice to customize it for your business.

IT Essentials are most basic consideration for any fortune 500 or a startup. Everyone needs to have there computers functional at best possible performance, have basic security and backup systems in place.


  1. Backup
  2. Antivirus Security
  3. Maintenance
  4. Monitoring
  5. Centralization
  6. Team Management

To achieve performance the system require schedule  maintenance run on them on specified intervals, monitor critical service or application issue for proactive fixes. For backup you need to consider a solution for local recovery if you have a server, and cloud backup to store information offsite in case of any issues. Covering local and cloud backup while keeping in mind specific information retention and recovery times can be easy to define. Next to complete essentials you need a antivirus for protection.

For your tech team in-house or outsourced, you will need to provide them tools to be proactive in fixing common issues and be able to do it from their own workstations. If they need to be physically present for each issue, it wastes a lot of time for techs to move around. While their are only 1% issues which need to be attended for hardware or network failures. one percent because you have been keeping a check on your computer for issues above with monitoring and maintenance.

As your business becomes bigger you will need to consider team management, to profile each user, devices and access provided to them. Profiling each user with their IT systems, helps you as a organization to be prepared if a new team member joins or leaves. Quick setup, audited systems and much more…

Once you have chosen your essential systems, next are some add-on’s and service you need to consider. Add-on’s for security, communication & collaboration between team and customers. And for business systems you need to decide if you want on in-house servers or cloud.

All of the add-on’s are licensed based so having integrated IT or your own team, you can implement at no costs. However, having to train your own team, get systems implemented and then support it can be big learning curve which you can avoid with Integration of IT systems.

Support is major function, and can cost a lot if you don’t have a team which knows the entire selection, implementation, maintenance and support objectives.

Integrated IT, provides freedom to choose your own solutions customize to your business and then be able to implement it in defined time frames. Once implemented correctly, you can choose your options being proactive for maintenance and monitoring,  user support and upgrades.

At FixKar, we provide defined time frames for implementing integrated IT solutions after which you can lower your IT costs based on support requirement. All our support options can be customized, keeping one thing same. Keeping your business systems and team Productive, Secure and well managed over centralized systems.

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