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Cyber Security for Business

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Cyber security is required as we all are connected to internet, world wide web. Which now some call IoT (internet of things), with access to all the information we require any time of the day. Just ask Google. As a business we have our team work from computers in office, laptops on the move, smartphones or tablets to check emails and information, over multiple devices which are connected online and need Cyber Security. IT systems defined by access and implemented as per business use.

IT systems are connected to internet and are vulnerable to five aspects which every business must review.

Emails: Most common way to interact using your IT systems, now configured on everyone’s smartphone is a great way to keep in check and collaborate with the team. When you receive email you will need to check it for spam, which can cause issues leading you to a unknown website or application or any email which does not meet delivery scores. To avoid this you need inbound spam filtering. Once you have covered inbound you need to maintain a good score online for your self, and need outbound filtering. This makes sure no spam is sent via your server or infected systems and also helps in advance email security practices. with URL protection to save you from going to phishing, malware or infected websites online.

We call all three together Email Essential and is only required if you are running your own emails in house. Over cloud these essentials are already included for you.

For advance protection you can implement encryption for keywords, so information is only received by the person it was intended. You can further implement data level protection (DLP) for your email systems to give it a little more security so in case of any keywords such as passwords, social security number or other critical information gets encrypted or a notification is sent to a person responsible to monitor such emails. For compliance you will need to further review archiving of your emails for auditing and getting rid of all the PST backups, with a simple interface you can search your email for last 7 or 10 years.

Network: For your office network or remote location where your team works from, you need to consider a few different solutions. If you are running all your IT in cloud using Business cloud or SaaS applications, you can be running on a simple WiFi. Having in-house systems which your team needs to access out of the office you will need to allow and configure your firewall. Having a good firewall protects you from any outside threat while always monitoring it on scheduled intervals for security. You can securely access your office computer to work from any where or just do a VPN connection from a laptop on the move. Firewall can be configured to keep all your IT systems in-house or cloud matching how your team works on their systems and infrastructure you choose to build it.

Computer need to be protected on two levels. One for basic operating system and file security a simple antivirus which works on virus as well as malware issues, kept updated and can detect issues for your tech team to be proactive to fix any found vulnerabilities. The second security you need is on hardware, if users should be able to use their own data storage on systems such as USB or any other mass storage medium.

Web: Internet of Things. Their are website which you should be protecting your self, as you can loose your information or mistakenly download something that may infect your system. Browsing internet and clicking on ads, searching and reviewing information, everyone needs some protection to safe guard from going on infected websites. With web protection you can control or block group of websites which are not relevant to your business as well as audit information of most visited sites in your organization with bandwidth checks if any workstation crosses a download limit. Cyber Security starts from this basic protection and has become must for businesses to invest.

Information: Most important aspect to secure is information, this can be achieved over a in-house using Windows server operating system or over Business Cloud application such as ShareSync. There are other Operating System and File sharing systems however these make it easier for you to apply security policies for access and even look similar. Using in-house server team management and access can be defined on shares for team to access and provide options configuring  with network security using a firewall. On cloud this becomes easier as each file saved gets a version stamp on it, and completely audited for changes and device accessed from. Either option you choose makes it possible to be secure, while keeping an adequate backup and retention policy of information makes it easy for providing great productivity in case of issues due to any issues.

Together these are five elements of security essentials for businesses to implement and secure your self from unknown work interruptions and always be productive. Cyber Security for your business to always be protected, compliant and productive.

Being proactive to keep these systems  in check with centralization for control and management. Makes it easy for businesses to keep a check on cyber security, audit and maintain information access as per compliance or business standards for security you want to maintain.

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