IT Systems to make your Team Management Easier

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Every business has a few IT systems and with a team to work on your project, you need to be manage them well. Making sure they don’t loose time in computer issues, or configuration. Have adequate security for always being protected and your business information being secure. Simple solutions to control this management and IT team to back up your efforts.

There are ways you can make this simpler for your self. Few steps to follow:

Decide how would you like team management. To make this decision you should review everything your team would access from their computer to be able to complete their tasks. Once you have list of all the software and online web services or other things your team does on your computer such as using email, business application, web CRM such as Salesforce, office software and more… Everything you work on. Having this list, you can quickly see if you are more cloud dependent today or not.

Next step is to review some costs. Anything you have running on cloud you can do that in-house, and other way round as well. In-house purchases need to be long term, investing in licenses and hardware being the major cost and maintenance, backup and security software ongoing.

Review below points once you have inclination towards having systems in-house or cloud:

  1. Size: how big is your team from where they access information,
  2. Security you will need for them to work and being secure as a business,
  3. Your industry compliance and specific business requirement for information review,
  4. Location for your team to access information. Just in office, on the move or globally

Having all the information above together, you are ready to centralize your systems.

Systems to Centralize

Team control. Bigger the team better the system you would need, if you are considering in house solution review having Microsoft Active Directory. With centralized team control it makes it easier to manage logins, access to information, security profiles and more. If you are reviewing cloud options, our business cloud is built with all your IT systems to run from one management console and cloud team management with auditing of devices.

Device & In-House Systems. Any system team uses to access IT information needs to maintained, monitored for failure, and have a backup plan in place. Centralization of all computers, servers, smartphones, networking devices makes it easy for your IT team to give you best productivity, keeping your secure.

Cloud Systems. Basic IT functions such as emails, file sharing, business collaboration and communication systems such as VOIP. Everything being available on Cloud makes it easy to implement and get enterprise level communication without the cost of it. However choosing a centralized systems for cloud make sure you have you can grow with it, as having multiple systems can just make team management that difficult.

Using above 3 main centralization you can control all other aspect of IT with ease and get your team, be able to access systems from where ever they work.

Selecting your IT Systems

It comes down to two centralization for management, your in-house setup and devices, and Cloud infrastructure. More systems you can manage from less consoles in IT, easier for your tech team to control and setup, as per your needs.

FixKar provides two simple centralized solutions for businesses. Dashboards for all your business in-house systems, configured for maintenance, security, and checks. and second for cloud infrastructure you want to build. In our business cloud we have solutions which work integrated, we use them as well and can give you a demo anytime.

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