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What does a small business or new start up need for IT? to answer this question, we would need to look at why you would need IT when you start and how it changes when you grow your business. When you begin your journey as an entrepreneur, you would need to get a professional website, email address and computer as it is a must to start.

Buying a computer is easy, this one should be as awesome as the project you are going to take up. Making a choice is mostly between MAC and Microsoft operating system with different brands of computers. Whichever you pick both would work great, however keep in mind what you need to do on these computers.

Getting a Domain

For registering your website you can go to any online domain registration site such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions or others and buy a domain. On buying a domain you have that registered to yourself for a period you want and the vision you have for the company, domains can be renewed.

Email address

Once you have yourself a domain the first choice you need to make is getting an email setup and website. Both of these are offered at places you buy your domain, however none of them is going to set it up for you. You would need to understand how to set up one or get a consultant or IT tech to help you.

Choice of Emails

You can start by reading blog “Options business have for email solution“, as it needs an explanation of its own. For website you can try online tools to create basic one yourself for which you can choose a plan online, from site you purchased domain or free website sited such as WordPress. You should choose this option if you have time and need to save money, else always try get professional help so you can choose a few of sample website you like and define how you want yours to function, and get someone to develop it for you. This can be achieved in a lot of price ranges choosing WordPress, php, dot net or others.

Getting your information together

Once you have your email, website, and domain, your basic IT setup is complete. Now you need to save files for clients, finance information, your ideas and more, for this you would rely on your computer a lot and information you save is going to be all the hard work you are going to put in. Taking care of your computer is a must. Let’s define this in a bit of detail.

First aspect you need to look at is security. Nothing fancy, you need a basic antivirus to keep you safe as you visit online websites and stay up late.

On starting your business you are going to be online always, in front of a computer, on your phone or if you are at a place where you don’t have a network most probably you are on vacation.

You are going online for a few things, visiting websites, downloading applications and getting emails. For each of them you need protection. Antivirus to keep your computer safe and keep scanning for issues. Web Protection, so you don’t land up on a site where you lose your credit card information or download a malicious program. Third you would be leaving your email address on almost all the sites you know how to list your business or get discovered so you need spam protection for emails.

For your computer as you work on it, you would be saving a lot of information which is going to be anything from files of delivering your services, saving your ideas, documents, invoices and more. This information is your first priority to safe guard. A good idea is to get an online sync collaboration program such as Dropbox Business, ShareSync, or others. Choosing such a solution is a good idea as your information is always backed up, you can access your information from any place, and also depending on your team size check on security, so you end up choosing the right solution. This makes it easy till the time you need your own servers. This saves you from a lot of IT hassles, also these solutions are not full proof as they fail to sync, and get stuck as your computer stops responding or any other issue. You would realize these things seem to happen more often on the busiest day (hahaha). To fix such issues you would need an IT person or someone who understand how you are set up, so when you need it fixed it is done then or as per your convenience.

For computer itself to function you would need to do two things, maintain it running a regular maintenance which clears your computer of all the temp files it saves.

Temp files are created every time you open a document, watch an online video, or visit websites. There are going to be updates of system applications you would use which would need to be maintained from time to time. Next thing you would need to do for a functioning computer is monitor your basic applications such as antivirus, backup or synchronization services which make all the applications work on your systems. If maintenance of your workstation and monitoring of all applications which make your computer work are not done regularly, you might be relying on your computer on the day it does not perform for you. It is always a good idea to prepare yourself rather than depend on IT.

Bigger businesses

If you have a bigger team, above options can work great being a startup. As you learn and grow your business you would learn IT, as you need to make that decision. You should look for a solution which keeps your IT in control and the lesser number of platforms you choose the better, as it becomes easier to make everything work. Also, if you would like to keep all systems in-house building your own server, it can be done easily yet needs time for configuration and setup.

There are a lot of service providers and lot of services, one thing which has been missing is integration of all IT systems over centralized platforms to make them work for you and your organization. Anything in your business which does not take your time is working right, and IT needs to be one of the things would need access anywhere, using smartphone or computer.

Please leave your comment or questions, as we would love to answer them for you or find an answer which may solve your specific business IT issues.

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