Protect your most precious IT asset.

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Information is most precious to anyone working on computer, it may be documents, images or even music. While working in a business all the information is shared between team and clients, information is confidential and critical for business systems to function. You will always want it to be protected from any deletion, corruption, or loss and planning a disaster recovery process with some time line.

Few things you can do to protect your information assets

Backup. If you don’t backup your organization files and information systems, it should be a top priority as failing to recover from loss of information can cost you a lot. Take a cloud (online) and in-house backup for complete disaster recovery plan for your organization.

Enable VSS. Inbuilt backup in your Microsoft system, where your operating system keeps version of files you can recover from quickly and builds a good repository changes by date. It is quick but not reliable, however gives you extra protection and does not cost anything.

Team Access. Provide adequate access to team as per their specific job role and information sharing required on different devices. This could be working on office desktop, and wanting to access information from home. You can control this in-house over active directory or our business cloud.

Devices. Find devices your team uses today to access information over computer, laptops, smartphones or tablets. If working over cloud file sharing it is always good to implement a device policy and frequent audits.

Email Sharing. Most business share files over emails as a quick attachment, depending on industry or based on business requirement can implement password protections on attachment sent as link, audit files and keywords, use encryption for confidential information.

File Auditing. Enabling auditing for your file system for protection and review from creation to every time it was saved or deleted, where you can see when the file was created, all the changes made to it and even when deleted.

AV protection. Not all files which run are good and there could be one which can cause issues on your computer, for which you should always keep scanning your system on regular intervals for issues and take proactive measures to resolve.

For server applications, you may use to save information for business processes in CRM, ERP, or other systems. It needs to be defined based on recovery time and retention of information you will need, as the complete team depends on it.

With integrated IT systems, you can make sure your business systems are protected, information can be recovered in case of loss, and team is always productive facing least issues. Please leave your comments below or share if you found this helpful.

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