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Integration to Make Business IT Simple. Effective.

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Integrated IT is a mix of systems you use every day for business to function over digital systems. Computer to work on and save files, application for different departments, use digital communication over emails, file sharing, having a conversation on the phone, chat or even have a face to face conversation over HD.

Integration of systems makes it easier for business to be able to work from any where they wish with access to information everyone on your team needs. At the back of IT you have a lot of pieces to make sure everything works as it is and nothing can interrupt your day to day work. With loss of IT systems or interruption to users everyone loose a lot of time, while with today’s IT threats can mean even to rework on information you worked hard for the first time. Taking up time and resources to keep up the pace.

Protection. everyone being online always in office, on the move or looking for connectivity where ever we go. This makes important for businesses, to be protected. IT systems can be compromised or infected over five channel which include emails, information, your business network, web and computer systems. Each systems protects you from online threats or getting infected loosing time and information.

IT Infrastructure can be build in-house over servers or cloud systems so you never need to have your own. Cloud provides a lot of benefits taking care of the most essential systems for you and provide great reliability. However having your own is not a bad option, as it can provide a better return over 3 years or more. With today’s businesses working from multiple locations a mix of both might be the best option or they should be evaluated as per requirement and need.

IT comprises of your systems and devices including computers, smartphones, tablets or servers. Each of these are used to further save information in different formats and business applications used to maintain . With cloud options available you can host your servers online securely or just use application on SaaS (software as a server) platforms.

While making a choice of systems another important factor to consider is how much centralization do you need and points of access of your business information. More the number of systems spread out, more difficult it becomes for tech team to control everything for you, while trying to make you productive.

Each system helps you gather information and have quick access. Today over IT we just don’t work we even communicate using emails, VoIP, file sharing, chat or even have a quick video conference. Each of these systems are changing so quickly that having a hosted version makes complete sense. While choosing cloud solutions getting on-boarded on centralized single system can save a lot of trouble and make your business grow on same platforms with increasing IT needs.

Once you have chosen the platform and what you do over IT, it is time to implement some essentials. IT Essentials are systems which make sure you remain productive, secure and well managed however you choose to work. In build team management for quick user configuration checks. If you have in-house systems you should review having Microsoft Active Directory which provides user management as well as centralized device and user policy configuration. While if you are in cloud choosing our FixKar Business cloud we have tried to build it in.

The last integration for Integrated IT setup you need is support, each system you choose will need to implemented, monitored for issues, maintained and provide support in case of any issues. For all of this to work you don’t need anyone physically present and can be easily configured remotely, while you will need help to setup your network once with high speed and reliable networking. Each system profiled for user access makes it easy to keep a track.

IT systems fail and they will in future, however the only difference is being proactive to resolve such issues and make sure your team is always productive, and secure from where ever you choose to work. with Integrated IT you get free upgrades so we can always keep your business moving forward without the extra cost and implementation or ongoing support.

Integrated IT gets all of the pieces together and provides a streamlined process for you to rediscover your IT systems with no additional costs of upgrades or changes you need today. backed by our incredible Support for no user interruption migrations.

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