Identifying emails and web links to avoid

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When you receive emails there are few common things, few characteristics you need to check

If you receive an email from a known person, open them without issues while being aware if they look out of place with wordings sort match or has a attachment. if unusual it is a good idea to check back.

For emails from not known address, to make sure the email is coming from the right person you can check email address it came from. Most businesses have their own email address by domain name. If it is a startup might want to use addresses over gmail, outlook, or other free email services.

Email being most common business communication, there are times we receive emails from another business however are not sure of the content but tend to open them. Few checks to make if you are not sure:

Email address: note the address email is coming from if does not match the name stated in the email, add them to junk.

Links: before clicking a link which you suspected, if it has a link check by moving your mouse on top of it. If the link leads to the same domain of the business or as stated in the email. This can save a lot of trouble, for individuals, & businesses.

Attachments: unknown email, try not to open attachment if you were not sure about the email in the first place. Unusual emails from known person might be a good idea some times not knowing filtering they use on there end or systems security.

If you find emails coming from someones known address checking back or updating them is a good idea. Always use a good spam filtering system, you can always opt for meeting basics or choose security level options to meet business needs or compliance.

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