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Our team works to make sure we keep everyone productive on computers, always safe, and well managed. Our support works on many levels to protect you from any issues being proactive resolving failures. However working with technology for years now, know there are times IT systems fail. It may be a printer not working, getting unwanted emails, have malware or infection issues, need to recover a lost file or setup a new user with his computer and devices.

To make sure you stay productive in case of any issues there are few support options, you can use as per your convenience to connect with tech team to resolve any issues or complete your requests.

FixKar Rescue: Support under 60 Seconds from your computer, to connect with a tech in case you get into a issue. This is the most used support option by our customers. As you can connect instantly without wasting time on a task due to computer issues or need of tech support. Anything you need to make it easier to work on your computer, you always have our techs on standby.

Email Support: For issues you don’t want to spend time with a tech to fix, get your computer optimized, application error or any task you will like to schedule. You can send us an email and we will keep you updated completing the task you assigned as per your request.

Online Portal: Check or open new support cases for any issue. All of our support changes are logged into support tickets which you can review online. Easier for IT Managers, to keep a check on all tasks and progress from time to time.

Phone Support: If you are not able to connect over web or have system failure, you can reach us directly over phone for a tech to assist you step by step resolving any issue. You can use this option if you like working over the phone instead of any other option.

Account Manager: When you sign up with us, our account managers take up the responsibility to keep you updated and keep our promise to make everyone in your team productive, secure and managed. You always have access to your account manager across the globe any time of the day. In case of most issues, we are first to reach you with an update and action plan.

Onsite Support: If you have a well configured network, you will need onsite support once every six months or on movement of systems. Our team schedules and manages all in-house tasks to not have your team do anything and we manage everything for you. However some of our customers prefer doing small tasks like moving systems themselves to save costs, while we guide you through each step. Only available in US and India.

Using centralized monitoring systems and proactive support to resolve issues, we reduce up to 70% of issues before they cause any delay or inconvenience while users work. However we are always available for assistance when you need to ask a quick question or get something to work as you want. Backed by our Incredible Support process we always keep you updated with time frame and next steps.

Our team supports all devices including computers, smartphones, or tablets; keeping all of your information in-sync across platform and accessible where you may need it with security your business deserves.

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