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IT systems are required to get business application, information and users work in collaboration while maintaining all business related information in sync. There are a lot of factors and combination of systems which can govern use of IT infrastructure; in-house server or virtualization, cloud systems, even Software as a Service.

Increasing use of Cloud systems and SaaS applications, myth of cloud not being secure is getting faded away while there are still considerations a business needs to get access to information and how they define security meeting essentials to keep them covered. Security factors can be measured in terms of five systems including IT being used for communication, collaboration and team access to all systems from different locations or devices. Each system can further be reviewed for level of security and mostly implemented based on costs in most businesses than use case. Having multiple point protection for systems is always a plus.

Cloud computing is awesome, to get a centralized location for all systems which can work in your own data-centers, server hosting platforms such as Microsoft Azure, FixKar Cloud, Rackspace or others to name a few. Cloud works in all ways for you, to fulfill your requirement on monthly terms and with no hassles or heavy lifting of hardware, backup or failure issues. Software on cloud hosted systems still needs to be monitored and maintained, for which you can set web policies for access and control.

SaaS [software as a service] is one more step closer to not owning your own systems. When you don’t own anything one consideration you need to keep in mind is monthly licensing, as most SaaS applications are available on monthly terms and have options to choose from while limiting portions of application and support. SaaS has been greatly accepted in all industries for CRM’s, now is increasingly getting popular with Office applications or Vendors coming in with an online version of their software.

Virtualization on the other hand, is the back bone of any IT setup you may own or rent. This option needs to be considered if you are looking for in-house server systems and explore for possibility of utilizing your new resources to their fullest with quick recovery from any issues. Virtualization can be done in many ways, for server or office user systems. Reason of choosing virtualization is to spread computing power for more than one system on a single piece of hardware with some serious power. Availability of systems you use is your choice while one software we find in most businesses and recommend is VMware, which works great.

Getting to choose right IT setup depending on different functions and platform you implement based on business requirements. While consideration of systems mainly depends on number of locations, work options available with your team and security of information based on industry. While costs can be controlled having a right partner to back you, knowing how you want to run your systems and provide options to configure with least complications.

Having combination of systems in-house and cloud works best for most businesses, while reviwing how you perform your daily functions and making a knowledgeable decision for each IT system working with other to give you a worry free infrastructure to build on.

Options businesses choose while considering their need, can also mean mixing of all above technologies integrated. Using systems build in management for cloud or in-house. Simple dashboard to manage your in-house or cloud systems can save businesses money, daily IT issues, and user frustration. Choosing your platform is half the battle won to review Essentials for long term benefits and always keeping systems in check.

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