Key to IT Control. Is Knowing

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Computer systems run on services, combination of keys to map applications, devices and interfaces. Peripherals we use to work, get connected while function with drivers it needs to have full or limited functionality. Amazing uptime is a reality for all IT infrastructure systems, your computer, critical servers, network, printers; monitored for failures or issues. So when something happens it can be quickly fixed before it impacts business productivity.

Server at their best ever

Automated 24*7 checks for all server hardware, services, performance, disk space and more… Nothing gets missed when your business depends on IT.

Business Application Systems

Your business depends on applications your team uses to communicate and save information for clients. Critical application need special care.

Never let your backup fail you

Technology fails. Keep your disaster recovery plan in check, so business can recover when something fails and get backup as quick as you want. With automated and manual checks for keeping systems in check.

Ultra-safe systems to work

Security always monitored to capture any issues or vulnerability on your computer and keep you safe. No more unwanted pop-ups or another computer attack. Get support quickest to review in case of issues and fix systems

Don’t just find issues, fix them

Proactive techs to receive notifications on anything that fails, fix them depending on priority, while not taking up your time. Systems always in good shape with weekly and monthly reports.

Integrated view to your IT health

Get admin login to view all your system health and monitor how your IT is working. Your business depends on it. Manual checks on defined time frames to further get checks made for tasks and audits.


Technology to help notify when something fails and needs your attention. Your computers always in check for critical services, systems, applications and more. Notifications keep systems out of trouble and save your priceless time. Get proactive fixes as soon as something pops. Everything monitored for failures. Checks for Hardware Failure, Security, Application Services, Microsoft OS or anything running on your critical systems. Get yourself covered for anything keeping your IT run with Essentials. Download eBook to know more about IT Essentials.


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