Making most of your current infrastructure

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While you have computers you have IT, team members using it sharing information, save information from day to day.

There are few systems to keep your self productive, secure and well managed.

With current IT review few of the below infrastructure systems and checks to keep it well maintained.

Information Backup: Backup anything business generates over computer systems, in form of documents, folders, or have database. User machines backed up for all information, while systems running centralized applications, shares, or user systems need to have solution to recover as they are so the information can be restored as building back configurations and other data can take be restored with configuration and entire setup.

Maintenance: Run regular maintenance keeps systems optimized, there are tasks you can run automated if you have your systems centralized, while there are few you would need to run manually. Maintenance checks make IT more reliable, with basics covered for systems to clean up temp files, defragment drive, service reboot in case of failure or other. While manual check might include updates, scans, account check or other. Having maintenance in place saves a lot of trouble and keeps systems performing as expected.

Checks: Keep a look out, with basics keeping a check on tasks run, drive space, security scan, check for backups, or other notification for any failures for IT to be proactive to fix it. This can increase uptime, proactive measure for performance of servers, and other tasks are fixed with no delays, while having issues turn up into downtime. It is like a health check of IT to make sure everyone is productive while all systems are working.

Security: Connection checks, we are mostly connected with 5 systems online which a business needs more protection than a home user, as not one system is at risk but more connected to each aspect we use. Emails for communication, network connectivity to outside world, information we share among users, web sites we visit for research, receiving downloads or any purpose including cloud (SaaS) applications.

Systems access: Define connectivity of all users to resources how they access their systems, connect for information, internal run applications, systems which need to be mapped running in-house. Simple gateway security with business class router having functions for firewall, & UTM (unified threat management). While you can opt for systems to provide connectivity across locations, or even have a network fall over plan.

Running all system together, with integration while Management made easier for new users joining, permission changes, configuration, systems, printers, applications and more… a lot to manage simpler with profiling of all systems you use with simple custom form for getting changes or new system implemented or removed.

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