Proactive IT systems makes all the difference.

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Being proactive means knowing to take corrective action towards something which has failed. IT systems are based on computers, and each component from security, backup, applications, disk storage or other services can fail due to many possible reasons.

Monitoring your IT systems makes sure when something fails your IT team can take corrective measures. Maintenance of systems is automated with IT Essentials which needs to be monitored for when new updates are available and if a task fails or needs critical attention.

What should be monitored.
. All services functional on systems
. Disk storage and error checks
. Security checks and updates
. Maintenance run and missed tasks
. Backup completion and checks
. Antivirus and security updates
. and much more…

Monitoring systems help make sure everything is running fine while informing tech team to check on any issue, and take corrective actions. Such a system just makes sure you find less people, not being able to work or have any issues due to lapses in making manual checks. Systems need to checked manually once a while as well, for which a manual maintenance run every quarter helps.

Most of our customers have about 9 tickets on each device which fail in a month, this multiplied by number of computers, servers and other devices, can turn into a full time job for most businesses. Without such a system your team would never know where to concentrate which might be causing performance issues, or something bigger. and you have to call your IT for assistance often. Centralization of all devices help as support team can quickly identify the issue and connect from there own systems to rectify.

Without Monitoring, you can hope that today your computer would not fail and backup you scheduled yesterday ran fine. Having to do everything manually is challenging and time consuming. Monitoring gives you the power to know for your self and have all systems functional at all time, or else be proactive.

At FixKar, we have a dedicated team for every business who understand how your system work together and always keeps you updated and your systems run flawlessly. Backed by our incredible support under 60 seconds.


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