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Working over emails means you will get spam, marketing messages, receive your subscribed mailers, client or team communication. You would want to mark some information confidential by default or for only recipient to see or be compliant by law or internet authorities.

Few options available for protecting your email communication

1. Spam filtering, so no one sends you spam.
2. Outbound filtering, so none of your systems are able to spam due to virus of infected files transmission or face other un-seen  issues which might effect your domain score.
3. Encryption: must for lawyers and financial institutes as per compliance applicable. When using specific words in your email, it can by encrypted by default. Only the recipient of your email can open using a password can open it.
4. Archiving: Most businesses do this using PST attached to their outlook, saved on a local machine or server. Much better options are available now to make sure emails you keep as archive are backed up to retention you want with e-discovery to make it easier.
5. Continuity: If you have your own server this is a must, in case your server has issues email continuity services with spool the emails for you and when the server connects back online all emails are delivered.

To protect your own email systems today in-house or hosted emails, there are many records you need to maintain to make sure you are compliant to send emails to everyone publicly. Having systems in-house or cloud does not make difference to maintain these records, you need to create them any ways.

Maintain online email records.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework): For you to define where all places would your domain can send emails, so no one can send on your behalf except places you have defined.
Autodiscover: This record is required to point where your devices would look for your email server settings, so when you enter login information with email and password it finds your email system.
Domain Authentication: This record is applicable for confirming your domain with Microsoft, Google or other cloud services as you use anyone’s system online.

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