Ransomware, a increasing threat to IT

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Ransomware is new threat to IT, where mistakenly going to a web site or even opening a email attachment can have you pay real money for information you own. Having this happen on a home computer and loosing all your stored information and memories, can be hard enough then this happen in a business.

There are new threats online for which we all need to be safe. Most businesses get to know about it, when it happens to them and we have found businesses reach us at a stage where they had to consider paying for recovering there company information back. You may have heard about hospital in Hollywood California that was target of a ransomware attack on an audacious level, having to pay $17,000 for their own data. When you need to recover that takes time as well depending on how much information you have stored depending on your team size.

It is not bad if you are protected, it could be few minutes before your information could be refreshed from a backup system. You need to make the decision of being prepared rather it effect you today or in the near future.

Ransomware is a new malware, which once infected on any system in your business or network infected encrypts all files with 128 bit or more encryption and it does searching files on your network. Having all your IT systems infected can stop most businesses to function and can happen to anyone yet there are ways to prevent it, as well as recover from it if you have your self covered.

Few things you can do to protect yourself

1. Backup your information and critical servers.
2. Always have a business continuity plan. Choose your systems by recovery time and retention, simple to be running back in under 5 minutes.
2. Cover your self with 5 Security Essentials to safe guard your business. Email communication, network firewall, business antivirus, web protection and information access.
3. Implement Software Restriction policy to prevent users run infected files by mistake
4. Always have your system security updates implemented

It is not about believing that backups or security is implemented and running, it is knowing which empowers businesses to be ready for any challenge. To find out more about how to recover from ransomware and implement basic business essentials systems read more. Recovering from ransomeware.

Business continuity planning is a must for any one to be protected yet be ready for it, following simple steps choosing a few options and keep your team productive. While being secure online or offline from any device you or your team works.

If you are a small business you can do this just running over business cloud choosing what you need for your IT setup, running over a wifi in your own office. For bigger business a combination of systems need to be reviewed and fail over plan as per business requirement and needs.

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