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Communication system based on IT is used for better collaboration and faster communication between team, vendors and customers. With communication channels over IT we have the means to email for quick update or progress on tasks, phone system to call each other, file sharing from a server system or cloud or use business collaboration tools for quick chat or conference between anyone across the globe.

Choosing your Email system

There are many options available for emails from selecting it from your website hosting site giving free email accounts, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and everything in between. In simple terms there are three main kind of emails you can get for your business, and they depend on some protocols. Three protocols widely used are POP3, IMAP, or Exchange. POP3 are emails which get downloaded from your online hosted web server every 15 minutes or time you set your email to get downloaded. This makes email hard to control as using multiple devices today your never have same emails on all devices or can only work of one device. Backup of your email on such a solution is mostly one copy which is on your computer and might get lost if something goes wrong on your computer.

Second option for email configuration is IMAP, this was introduced to provide sync function to your emails from an online system so your emails are centralized and can be accessed from different devices as well as is always backed up and safe online. However with limitation of mailbox size and only providing basic email function it works well for business use die to costs.

The third option you have is Microsoft Exchange, this is a business email system. The reason we call it business system, as it not only gives basic email functions but provides a lot of functionality for synchronization and collaboration across multiple devices and users. Exchange emails helps you receive instant emails, sync your contacts, notes, calendar and tasks. You can share your mailbox with another user with ease or just share calender’s. Using multiple devices like laptop, computers and smartphone for accessing emails makes it synchronized to have all business information together. If you make this choice you can have in house exchange server or just host it with a service provider such as our self’s.

Phone systems have evolved over time and just having a land line does not do it for businesses as everyone needs to have a extension of their own if they communicate often over phones with customers and vendors. Business phones needs to have some basic features as well like voicemail, call forwarding, and groups. While with now having global teams and always need to get in touch you can also enable “Find Me” option where you can list a few different numbers to ring in sequence or together. Traditional phone systems do not provide such features and getting your own system implemented can be cumbersome with cloud now you can get your own business phone system having just one line or hundreds of team member working across from any where.

The most basic consideration for setting up IT systems is to share files within the business or have your own files saved on computer. File sharing in business is IT communication saving all your information on computers. With file systems you will need to manage how everyone accesses files, who has permission to those files, where all would your team and you need that information to work and as everything is saved over file systems back up this information due to many reasons. While setting up file sharing you would like to make a choice between cloud or in-house file system. Cloud option such as ShareSync can provide many additional features to having your own setup on server with inbuilt auditing, backup, compliance and access across multiple devices. While cloud does all of that some businesses might still want to keep in-house over servers and manage it internally.

With everyone working on computers and connected online, IT communication has evolved having chat, voice or video conversations and now it has become easy to implement. You always have an option to implement it in-house however with scalability and convenience of cloud options it makes it worth a review. Any conversation you have over a chat is automatically saved within your emails with exchange and searchable for later discovery as you would an email in Outlook. Business Collaboration provides quick and easy collaboration between teams and shortening distances.

Having all of the systems implemented for your team brings a few consideration to choose before you select a vendor or partner to implement it for you. If you want to implement such systems in-house we will strongly recommend reviewing costs and convenience of having it on cloud. You can always choose which of the communication systems you want to have in-house or over cloud. We provide one Business Cloud to have all your needs fulfilled on centralized console saving you time and effort every time you need to add a new team member, make a change to settings or run audit checks. Running on multiple systems makes it difficult to centralize your cloud infrastructure. with Business Cloud, you can even have your servers hosted online from same console where all your business systems function.

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