Cloud Sharing for Business Collaboration

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As a business we share files for many reasons. Having computer shares for your team for better collaboration on business files we work on every day, send files to clients or partners over email, ftp space, or other methods.

Files systems in a business save a lot of information, from projects information, tasks to complete or even reporting structure. At various levels of organization hierarchy and departments you need different shared folder structures. You can access this information easily over computers, smartphone, or tablets with user permissions. Having an in-house server and wanting to access information across locations or devices, you need extra IT setup and configuration which can be easily configured by your IT team, however their are many other benefits to use cloud.


. No backup issues: You really don’t need to worry about information backup and recovery. With storage in cloud you can have options to backup every time you save a file.

. Easy online collaboration: You can share via link to view online, share within outlook as attachment, password protect information and even share the entire folder for every update to sync.

. Share folders with ease: While working with vendors, clients or within team you can share a complete folder with permissions to view, modify or create new.

. No file server needed: Information is stored centrally over cloud, so no server configuration is required while user management is in-built to provide access to folders required.

. Access from any device: Information is accessible over computers, smartphone or even tablets.

. Control device usage: While the team have access to information from different devices, you can control device usage from the centralized dashboard and be notified every time a new device is added.

Your information is always backed up, every time someone clicks save. Review versions of files within your own system in seconds. No backup costs as it is always backed up in Cloud, get deleted files from online portal for last year or just have a quick audit done as you search a file name you know who all worked on it or modified. Their are issues with online storage as well which you need to review making a switch.

Few Considerations to keep in mind.

Databases: you should not save database files on cloud file system, as it does not work well with data written often that everyone in your business is accessing.
Local Computer HDD Space: Information is saved locally for quick and offline access, not needing to download file every time you work on them.
Large files example AutoCad: If you use files which are mostly bigger than 100 MB, and need quick access for your team you should still consider server system.

If you can review your files system for structure and content, it makes it easy to use best of both worlds and meet your desired needs as a business. For start-ups they don’t need to give it a second thought.

You need to consider a cloud platform which grows to meet all your requirement, and simple user control as having multiple applications and logins makes it difficult to maintain user access and policies you may need to keep in check. Your platform should be able to grow as per your needs from simple file sharing to servers in the cloud if you need.

With Business Cloud you can have all your needs fulfilled and be able to enable\disable a user with all services listed at one common login. You can configure file sharing, emails with hosted exchange or imap, have your own servers hosted in cloud and all done seamlessly by our incredible support to back you at every stage.

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