Stay out of Trouble with IT

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Never land up in trouble again because of system lags. With efficient applications in place chances of a system failure limit to almost zero.

Keep your computer updated

Get most recent security and OS patches from Microsoft installed, configured on your computer and business severs. Check on all applications installed on your system which need regular updates from Java, Adobe reader, flash or others.

Your Computer always up to the task

Your computer always up to what you want to do, with regular disk clean, defragmentation, web browser optimized, for your computer speed at its best.

Security of your Computer in Check

Daily scans with threat reporting for fixing before they become an issue. While weekend deep scans to check each file thoroughly to get your computer ready for next work week.

Applications which work

All your programs and computer software always updated. Keep your communication channels open with least IT issues. For business application update schedule with manual reviews for lesser issues running adhoc updates, with no user interruption.

Maintenance when you are not around

Your systems scheduled automated maintenance after hours, scans, systems and services, so it is ready for another day of work with you and perform.

Find Quick Computer Outages

Notifications on technical team to resolve from simple dashboard to eliminate and resolve back-end issues as effectively as possible. So nobody has to be kept waiting.

Automation fail, we Cover

Get over night tech fixes if automation fails with proactive team to fix what we see fail or send you an update to connect. Your computer system ready when you are the next morning or scheduled task to cover.

Disaster Recovery

Choose IT backup systems in case of information loss or a critical system failure, defined by two criteria you need to consider for time of recovery and information retention.

Integration of all essential systems combined with security and tech access for support with essentials for IT and security systems with choice of business applications running in-house, or cloud. Systems build for business based on how they function day to day, while customized to meet business needs.

Download eBook to get integration basics to meet business IT needs and solve mystery to your own IT systems.

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