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IT is integral part of business, and makes it run from day to day. All team members hired for a specific or multiple task need to use computers, email, phone, and applications to communicate, store and retrieve information or collaborate with each other to fulfill business objective.

All of the above systems for IT are run over multiple devices we provide to team members. These devices can be office computers, smartphones, or laptops for working on the move. While we may have some systems which are specific to organization or industry and become a part of business IT.

Some consideration for IT which every business needs to deal with big or small are following.

Manage User Access

User and Computer setup when a member joins or leaves the organization
How to manage users and define their access on devices issued
Define access of users to information
Applications for business use and implementation

Monitor and Maintain Devices in Use

How are current systems functioning
Does any system need a fix, to be resolved before it becomes problem
Being proactive, not waiting for something to fail
Maintenance of current devices and updates
Monitor security, services, and programs which make them work

Keep your Business Security in check

Keeping security on devices for online connectivity
Web protection and monitoring usage
Computer hardware security
Defining user rights on devices

Disaster Recovery, when something fails

Keeping local and offsite storage for critical business information
How quick you need your systems to be back up if something fails
Client information storage and recovery process
Human file deletions, recovery systems to consider

Discovery of your business devices, users, and systems is must for a business to know how to use them with IT strategy for implementing and making it work. All of the four components above are basic IT setup, your business would need to consider for performing work. We call them IT Essentials.

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