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We consider some IT Essentials for businesses which make sure everyone is always productive and secure. One increasing security businesses need is web protection and is becoming an essential. As we share and access more information, online protection becomes essential for our business.

Being connected to internet to find some information or mid meal break checking Facebook. Everyone needs access to internet, however a basic security needs to be added for making sure no one ends up on  phishing, malware or other infected site. It could be from a banner ad, website link or by receiving an email which you were not sure of being infected and looked almost real.

Business applications available online over a simple web browser from banking, healthcare, customer or vendor management systems. Having to work online and sharing critical business information requires some basic security.

For businesses web protection adds on a lot of functionality where it can help in monitoring network bandwidth and especially going on internet, audited sites or simple policy for not allowing certain websites at work. Simple categories you can select to block or allow at certain time frames. It could be a basic list of sites you would not want your team to visit such as porn or gaming. Even in cases you need to meet compliance, want better productivity, security or information for basic network bandwidth and usage audits.

Web protection offers a few add on benefits

. You can easily review and monitor
. Simple reports to see network activity
. Bandwidth control for each machine over a set limit
. Find most accessed website in your office
. Define web schedule for access
. Configure security and access as per profile
. Legal liability or productivity filters

Becoming safe and being protected, while working online. Web protection is a must to consider and implement for business. It just provides additional benefits for internal web policies as required and configure from basic protection to audit-able insight for your business.

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