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Cloud are systems which are prepared for no failures and provide maximum up-time to all users, while add convenience of taking care of all costs which make this possible. Cost of hardware, backup systems, security, implementation, upgrades or anything which is required to keep you productive, secure and provide a centralized management console for you to quickly configure your users and their devices.

Having your own cloud can sounds expensive for most businesses because you are paying someone else to take care of connectivity and all other solutions listed above. If we tell you, having this setup at your home or office might sound complicated and expensive to setup. It is not expensive and not at all complicated.

There are simple solutions you can implement to have your own private cloud at home accessible from any where you go. Never need to carry your own laptop, or worry about loosing it somewhere with information you have on it. Just simple connection back to your own desktop at home which is backed up every 15 minutes or nightly, security to cover all your Essentials for IT. While all of the solutions are simple add on to your basic infrastructure a internet connection and a computer.

What would you need to implement your own in-house systems which are available, reliable, and secure?

First choose a good internet connection, which has good speed and up-time. Most ISP (internet service provider) provide two types of connection, one which is shared and second which is dedicated to you with constant speed called leased lines. If you are ok not being able to connect once a while when your internet is not working, you can choose first option of having a DSL connection as they provide 97% uptime in most cases however are not backed up for support as well as you might need. Second option of leased line provides you constant speed which you need for business systems to function with upto 99% uptime, and backed by SLA’s for providing you service.

Either of the option you may choose you would need to get Static IP address from your provider, this IP will be your home on internet and when ever you work from out of the office will use to connect back to it.

Once you are connected to the internet and have a reliable connection with IP address, you need to get a computer. You can have just your desktop configured at home to be accessible from any where or your entire business. Depending on what you are setting up and why.

For connectivity between your ISP and Computer we recommend a firewall, not the one your ISP provided but something you invest in and it comes at different price points for you to be secure. You can choose a Dlink, Netgear firewall for basic functions or sonicwall for advance functionality. For bigger organization sonic wall as a cheaper option to Cisco can work. We like using sonicwall because it has all the features you need to be safe while being cost effective.

Once you are connected on your computer online with a reliable connection with IP and firewall to secure you. Review IT Essentials. Essentials are systems which make sure you run as a cloud in-house, monitoring of systems for tech team to fix proactively, regular maintenance and physical checks, backup for disaster recovery, basic antivirus, centralized console for in-house systems and cloud systems.

For security you can add on for information, web and email, as you already covered computer, network above. Each add on is simple if choose centralized systems, without which you will be juggling to many things and might just give up on getting reliable systems and how you want them to work.

If you are a entrepreneur looking for your own computer at home to work as private cloud, or your business systems we can implement robust solutions knowing how you use your systems today, and if we can make it simpler for you to access. While making sure they never fail you.

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